About Us

GettyCrafts is a modern crafting store committed to bringing you high quality, fairly priced Arts & Crafts supplies. It’s a place for people like you (and like us!) to celebrate their passion for crafting.

Because we believe that in today’s world, where technology drives our day-to-day, crafting offers a welcome escape from the digital into a place where creativity and imagination reign supreme. It’s much more than a hobby; it’s an expression of the colorful lines, strokes, and shades that make up each and every one of us.

This is why we created GettyCrafts, to offer a place to grow for those that are as passionate about crafting as we are. And this is our commitment to you: to provide the greatest selection of the best in crafting at fair prices, and to offer more than a place to find the supplies you need — but a community built around the things you love.