• Colour Shapers Wallet Set-Soft Tip #0 -ACS-11901 - 722480119019

Colour Shapers Wallet Set-Soft Tip #0 -ACS-11901

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Product Description

  • ARMADILLO ART & CRAFT-Colour Shapers.
  • These unique tools will give you a combination of control, precision, and fluidity that are uniquely inspiring.
  • They allow you to create exciting textures, marks, and effects and will become the perfect complement to your brushes and palette knives.
  • Each has a silicone tip that does not absorb paint meaning they can be cleaned with a simple wipe and dried paints and glues will peel right off.
  • They easily control even small amounts of medium and work well with pastels, acrylics, watercolors, mono prints, masking fluids, polymer clays, and more.
  • This package contains one set of assorted brushes.
  • Available in a variety of sets: each sold separately.
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