• 2 Pack Primo Euro Blend Charcoal Pencil Kit 6pcs -59P-BP - 044974590303

2 Pack Primo Euro Blend Charcoal Pencil Kit 6pcs -59P-BP

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  • Pack of 2 Primo Euro Blend Charcoal Pencil Kit 6pcs- .
  • Primo Euro Blend Charcoal Pencils in black and pure white are premium charcoal pencils.
  • Created with a unique, creamy, rich formula, they can be used alone or with other charcoal, pastels,, or mixed media in your art.
  • Also can be used for quick layouts for oil painting.
  • Handcrafted in the USA with the highest quality cedar wood to ensure smooth sharpening.
  • This 2.85x9.73 inch package contains three black charcoal pencils, one white charcoal pencil, one Magic Black eraser, and General's Little Red All-Art sharpener with a stainless steel blade to restore the factory point.
  • Conforms to ASTM D4236.
  • Made in USA.
Manufacturer Warranty - USA Only